A Day of Patriotism: Our School’s Journey in the Mojolangu Independence Day Karnaval

On a sunny Sunday, September 3rd, our school joyfully joined the lively Karnaval celebration in Mojolangu. This year’s theme, “PROKLAMASI,” was all about Indonesia’s road to independence.

Our students played a big part by putting on a short play that reenacted the day Indonesia declared its freedom. Dressed in old-style clothes, they brought the past to life. It was like taking a trip back in time!

But that wasn’t all. We turned a regular pickup truck into a moving work of art. Covered in special decorations, it told the story of our nation’s journey to freedom. It was our way of saying thanks to the people who fought for our freedom.

Walking through the streets together, our students felt a strong connection to the brave heroes of our past. Each step was a tribute to the sacrifices made for our independence. We couldn’t help but feel proud and thankful.

As we walked, we shouted together, “MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!” It means “freedom,” and it filled the air with a sense of unity and excitement.

This Karnaval wasn’t just a party; it was also a chance to remember the struggles of the past. It was a day when we celebrated as one, showing our love for Indonesia, as ma’am Erva said as the team leader at this event.

Ma'am Erva as the team leader of SDMUPAT

In every step we took and in every shout we made, we celebrated our past and looked forward to our future. We promised to remember and honor the values of freedom and togetherness that have made Indonesia great.

Rofiqoh Zakkiyyah at library orientation
Rofiqoh Zakkiyyah

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