Welcome to our vibrant extracurricular program, where students can unlock their full potential and discover their passions beyond the classroom! We offer a wide range of exciting and enriching extracurricular activities that cater to various interests and talents.

  1. Tapak Suci: Enhancing self-defense skills, discipline, physical and mental health through technique training and values of honesty.
  2. Archery: Teaching archery skills, concentration, precision, and boosting members’ self-confidence. 
  3. Wall Climbing: Strengthening participants’ physical, mental, and technical climbing skills through rock climbing and related exercises.
  4. Futsal: Developing soccer technique skills, game strategy, and sportsmanship spirit through regular matches and training. 
  1. Dance: Developing artistic talents, artistic sensitivity, creativity, and teamwork through various dance forms and performances.
  2. Coloring: Sharpening creativity, precision, and self-expression through art coloring and drawing activities. 
  3. Qiroah: Improve Qur’an recitation skills, Tajweed rules, and understanding of the Quranic verses.
  1. Robotics: Advancing technology skills, programming, and team collaboration in designing, building, and testing robots. 
  2. English Olympic: Enhancing English language proficiency, public speaking, and understanding English culture through competitions and language activities. 
  3. Science Olympiad: Deepening understanding and skills in Natural Sciences through competitions and additional learning.
  4. Mathematics Olympiad: Improving problem-solving abilities, logical thinking, and mathematical understanding through competitions and intensive practice. 
  1. Scouting: Developing leadership, independence, teamwork, and environmental awareness through adventurous activities and community service.
  2. Dokter Kecil: Foster interest in medical sciences and provide basic first aid knowledge and skills.
  3. Polisi Cilik: Promote awareness of safety, law enforcement, and community service through interactive role-play and activities.
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