Our Values


“Creating a generation that shows Faithfulness, Respect, Knowledge, Skills, Independence, Environmental Care, and Embraces Global Diversity.”


  1. Making a friendly place to learn where everyone can do their best.
  2. Trying new ways of learning that are interesting and help us become good people.
  3. Working together with teachers, parents, and neighbors to make our school better.
  4. Teaming up with other schools and groups to learn more and have more chances in life.
  5. Learning how to be good and kind through religion, ethics, and being respectful.
  6. Doing fun things that help our community and environment, so we learn to care and help.

Core Value

Muhammadiyah Elementary School 4 Kota Malang has a special name called ‘MUPAT MIBER.’ MUPAT MIBER stands for ‘Muhammadiyah Elementary School 4, Mutu, Islami, Berkarakter.'”

The logo of Muhammadiyah Elementary School 4 is created to show the meaning of the vision and core values, which are:

Showing kindness, creating a warm environment, and making students feel safe.

Helping students grow capable, independent, and mindful of the environment for their future.

Offering a balanced education covering studies, arts, and sports.

Aiming for excellence in both studies and other activities.

Giving great education to make amazing graduates.

Encouraging students to be productive global citizens.

Inspiring students to care for others, the environment, and offer help to those in need.