Welcome to Muhammadiyah 4 Elementary School’s Facilities! Our school offers a variety of special places to help you learn, grow, and have a great time.


The Library is like a treasure cave full of books and stories. Student can read exciting adventures, learn new things, and let your imagination run wild! MUPAT Library got an A accredited by Perpustakaan Nasional

School Health Clinic

Our Health Center is here to take care of your well-being. Our dedicated team ensures your health and provides valuable health education. Stay strong and vibrant with our support!

Representative Class

The Representative Class is where leadership blossoms. Engage in discussions, plan events, and experience democracy in action. It’s a platform to shape the school together!


Our Mosque provides a serene space for spiritual development and prayer. It’s a place where students can connect with their faith, engage in religious activities, and develop a sense of community.

Green Space

Our school has a special outdoor area called the green space. It’s like a mini park with trees, plants, and a big open area. It’s a perfect place for playing games, doing activities, and even learning lessons about nature. You can run around, have fun with friends, and learn cool things about the environment right here at school.

Gazebo Literasi

Welcome to our cozy Reading Oasis! This is a special place where you can enjoy reading in a fun way. Instead of bookshelves, you’ll find colorful notes with stories, quotes, and interesting things to read. It’s like finding hidden treasures of words all around the gazebo. You can sit, relax, and pick a note to read whenever you want.