Daily Activities

At MUPAT, we focus on providing a complete education that goes beyond just academics. Our school encourages positive habits and routines that help students develop good character and grow personally. These practices include:

Praying Together (Dhuha, Dhuhur, Ashar)

We’re motivating all to our students to pray together, which helps us feel connected and devoted. Praying as a group makes our school community stronger, and it helps us remember to pray regularly.

Mengaji with Ummi Method

Through the Ummi method, our students engage in meaningful recitation and study of the Quran. This method emphasizes comprehension and connection with the teachings of the Quran, allowing our students to grow spiritually and intellectually.

Morning Reflections

Every morning, we begin our day with a moment of reflection. Students engage in Muroja’ah (Reading short surah of the Quran) and recite the Asmaul Husna (99 names of Allah), grounding themselves in gratitude and mindfulness.

Sunnah Fasting

Encouraging students to observe Sunnah fasts on Mondays and Thursdays instills self-discipline and spiritual consciousness. Fasting fosters empathy and gratitude while teaching self-control.

English Day

Thursdays are dedicated to English language practice. Students take part in different activities that help them get better at English, so they can talk and write effectively and be ready for a world where people connect globally.

Daily 15-Minute Reading

We understand how important reading is. Every student spends 15 minutes each day reading books they like. This helps them enjoy learning, learn more about the world, and get better at thinking deeply.