Skills Boost Programs

Welcome to our Skill Boost Programs page. At Muhammadiyah 4 Elementary School, Malang, we’re dedicated to providing diverse opportunities for our students to grow and succeed. Discover the different programs we have that help you become better in many ways – as a whole person, a leader, and in understanding different cultures.

Junior Medics

The Junior Medics program helps kids pretend to be doctors. They do activities to learn about medicine and taking care of health. They learn about the body, how to help in emergencies, and why it’s important to stay clean. This program makes them curious and teaches them to care about being healthy.

Safety Patrol

The Safety Patrol program where students pretend to be police officers. They do activities to learn about rules, order, and safety in the community. They learn what police officers do and how important honesty and working together. This program helps them know it’s their job to keep things safe and be responsible.

MLC (Mupat Leadership Camp)

The Mupat Leadership Camp is a program that helps students become better leaders. They do outdoor challenges, work together as a team, and talk about important things. This helps them get better at leading and being good people. They learn to talk well, make good choices, and work together. This program helps them be strong leaders who are honest and do the right things.


Munaqosah is a test where students show how well they learn the Quran. They learn about reading the Quran nicely, understanding the rules, and remembering it. This follows the Ummi Foundation’s standards. If students pass, they get a certificate for the next level. In the Munaqosah activity, students compete to read the Quran well. SD Muhammadiyah 4 hopes that all students don’t just read the Quran, but also follow its teachings in their daily lives. This helps create good people.

Pondok Ramadhan

Pondok Ramadhan is a special time when students learn about Ramadhan. They learn about fasting, caring for others, and giving to those in need are important during this special month. They also learn about traditions and do nice things for others. This program helps them understand different cultures and how to be kind and generous.

Mini Weekend Camp

Mini Weeend Camp or PERJUSA is an ativity goes outside the classroom. Students have outdoor adventures that help them like nature and see things around them. They do things with their hands and learn about the environment. They also learn to take care of the Earth and like it more.

Outing Class

Outing Class is a fun learning adventure. Students leave the school and learn in real places. They might go to museums, old places, or nature areas. This helps them understand subjects better and makes them want to learn more about the world.

Kalung Mupat

Kalung Mupat is a group of student environmental leaders. They are students who help take care of the environment. Their job is to tell others about 3R: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, and also to look after the area around the school.

Month of Kindness

Month of Kindness is something we do every year before Ramadan. Our school gives food necessities, gently used clothes, and money to people who live far away and need help. We also work with LazizMu to mosque’s renovaion and make water system for the people around there.

Tree Planting Activity

Tree Planting Activity is a reforestation program in deforested areas. We have planted mangroves along the Ungapan coastal mangrove forest and revitalized the soil by planting various types of fruit trees that hold economic value for the surrounding community.