Energetic student shaking ice cream mixture.

Grade 3 Discovers the Magic of Matter Transformation Through Ice Cream

On Thursday, November 7, 2023, the 3rd-grade students at Muhammadiyah 4 Elementary School Malang embarked on an exciting journey to understand the world of matter transformation. This learning adventure, guided by Bu May, involved creating delightful ice cream—a hands-on lesson they won’t soon forget.


The day kicked off with a burst of enthusiasm as the students joyfully sang along to “Perubahan Wujud Benda,” led by Bu May. Following this, the learning adventure continued with a short video explaining the concept of changes in matter, specifically from a liquid to a solid state.

Bu May leading students in singing a song about matter changes.
Bu May leading students in singing a song about matter changes.
Students watching a video on matter transformation from liquid to solid.
Curious Grade 3 student watching a matter transformation video.

Curious 3rd Grade students watching a matter transformation video.

Hands-On Experimentation

Soon after, the students were divided into 8 small groups for hands-on experimentation. With Bu May’s guidance, they created simple ice cream using liquid milk as their starting point. The process started by mixing ice cubes and rock salt in one sealed plastic bag, and then combining it with flavored liquid milk in another bag.


With great enthusiasm, the kids vigorously shook the plastic bags until the milk transformed into solid ice cream. Once they succeeded, they poured the ice cream into glasses, and their creativity didn’t stop there. They carefully decorated their ice cream with biscuits, making it not only tasty but also visually appealing.

Students grouped for a matter transformation experiment.
Grade 3 students working together to make ice cream.

students work together to create ice cream and understand matter transformation

Sharing Joy and Knowledge

After finishing making ice cream, all the students gathered to enjoy their creations together. This moment was truly special as they not only learned but also created something delicious to share with their friends.


Following their ice cream creation, the students documented their experiences using provided observation sheets. Each group also had the chance to present their findings, fostering a dynamic learning environment where everyone could benefit from each other’s discoveries.

Smiling student savoring homemade ice cream.
Ice cream crafted by Grade 3 students.

Mouthwatering ice cream made by the 3rd grade

Worksheets for a hands-on matter transformation experiment.
Bu May supporting a student during a presentation.

Bu May supporting a student during an observation result presentation.


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