Young Leaders in Action at Mupat Leadership Camp #3

Malang, September 9, 2023 – Muhammadiyah 4 Elementary School Malang held the Mupat Leadership Camp (MLC) again this year. This special event, now in its third year, helped the students become better leaders and build good character.


MLC is a yearly camp where students learn to be more independent and improve their character. This program combines character education with a focus on leadership development

MLC #3 opening ceremony led by our scoutmaster, Kak Amin

Day One: Exploring History and Leadership

The first day kicked off with an exploration of Indonesian scouting history and the essence of leadership. Students were also involved in pioneering activities and setting up tents together. As the evening approached, they delved into the topic of national defense and enjoyed the warmth of a campfire. The day concluded with enthusiastic yel-yel presentations from each of the 8 team members.

Enthusiastic students participating in leadership training by our school principal, Kak Hana

Students working together to assemble tents and showcasing their creative team cheers

Day Two: Creative Cooking and Exploring Around

The second day was all about creativity. We had a cooking contest where teams made healthy and unique meals. Then, we went exploring with maps to find hidden treasures around our school. We finished the camp by saying thank you to all the teams.

Students start their second day with Tahajud, subuh and morning exercises

Nutritious breakfast menu made by our students

Students explore the school’s surroundings and map the area after receiving Orienteering training

Our scoutmaster, Kak Amin, said, “MLC helps our students grow into strong leaders with good character. We are very proud of how much they’ve learned during this camp.”

Awards of appreciation to the best teams and participants

MLC was not just about leadership and character but also making great memories with friends. We hope MLC will keep inspiring and helping students become leaders who care about being good and kind. Thanks to everyone who made MLC 2023 a big success!


2 thoughts on “Young Leaders in Action at Mupat Leadership Camp #3”

  1. hi, im the one who is alumnus in the SD Muhammadiyah 4 Malang, i was very happy and so proud to my little brother and sister also all students at mupat. Hopefully they can be great and Sholeh/ah young leaders tomorrow or now, thank you, goodbye❤️❤️ serencely, Mrs.A/R

    1. Thank you so much for your heartwarming message! We’re thrilled to hear from an supportive alum like you who takes pride in our beloved MUPAT. Your support means a lot to us❤️❤️

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