Muhammadiyah 4 Elementary School Malang Celebrates 77th HORI with Kemenkeu Mengajar

Malang, October 23, 2023 – MUPAT was buzzing with excitement, as they celebrated the 77th Hari Oeang Republik Indonesia (HORI) with a special event, Kemenkeu Mengajar.

This remarkable event was graced by the presence of Asep Suryadi, the Head of the Directorate General of State Assets of North Sumatra, who not only inaugurated the celebration but also guided the flag-raising ceremony. Asep Suryadi introduced eight enthusiastic staff from the Ministry of Finance, each hailing from different regions of Indonesia

Several staff from various departments under the Ministry of Finance introduced themselves to the students

The staff from the Ministry of Finance wanted the kids to understand money and how to be good people. They also taught the kids about being honest, kind, and doing the right thing.


A fun part of the day was when the kids got to share their dreams. They put their dreams on a “Tree of Dreams.” This showed that the Ministry of Finance supports kids and their dreams, while reminding them to be honest and kind.

One of the student's hope on the dream tree

Raka, a fifth-grader, was really excited. She said, “I want to be a footballer. Today, I learned that being honest and kind is really important. The staff from the Ministry of Finance were so nice and explained things in a fun way. I can’t wait to tell my parents what I learned today!”

Raka presents his expenses and income

Kemenkeu Mengajar at Muhammadiyah 4 Elementary School was a great experience for students. It helped them understand money and being a good person. It also reminded them to be honest and kind, which is very important. The event showed that when kids learn these things, Indonesia’s future will be even better.


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