Sprinkle Magic Cupcake Brings Sweet Joy to the Library

On March 17, 2023, the MUPAT Library transformed into a fairy-tale pastry kitchen. A total of 30 cake artists gathered to learn cupcake decoration techniques and create their own masterpieces. Miss Zakki, the activity instructor, expressed her admiration for the participants’ enthusiasm in learning and creating. “We covered everything from understanding ingredients, tools, to color mixing and piping techniques. I’m impressed by the level of enthusiasm and creativity from the students,” she added.

Participants eagerly listening to tips and tricks from Miss Zakki.

Sweet and Delicious Cupcakes

After the theory session, it was time for the students to put their newly acquired skills into practice by decorating cupcakes. With colorful frostings and various decorations to choose from, they elevated the cupcake game, adding their unique styles and creativity. Maritza Najma Prabasari, a second-grade student, shared that she was thrilled to enjoy time with her friends. “I feel happy because I could make beautiful cupcakes and spend time with my friends,” she exclaimed.

Maritza and friends busy creating their own masterpieces

Best Cupcakes and Most Disciplined Participants

After the activity, three participants were chosen as the best in two categories: Best Cupcake Design and Most Disciplined Attendee. Best Cupcake Design was judged based on the beauty of the decoration, color harmony, and innovation. Meanwhile, the Most Disciplined Attendee category was judged based on participants’ discipline in following instructions and the tidiness of their workstations. Here is the list of the top participants:


Best Cupcake Design 1: Syifa Aila Zhafira

Best Cupcake Design 2: Allysia Rubi Nirwasita

Most Disciplined Attendee: Rif’a Muzainah

Librarian presents prizes to today's top participants

“Alhamdulillah, this morning’s activity went smoothly, filled with laughter, joy, and of course, the sweet treat of cupcakes that delighted our eyes,” said Mr. Zul, the Librarian. “Children didn’t just take home cupcakes; they also gained new experiences, sweet memories, and a sense of pride in their creative achievements.”

A collection of cupcakes with various colors and attractive decorations created by the participants

Mr. Zul also extended his gratitude to all the participating students, supportive parents, the School Principal as the mentor, and fellow library staff for their hard work in making this activity a success. May the MUPAT Library bring even more sweet joy to the students in the future.


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